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Oct. 22nd, 2009

blue steel

over 90 miles per hour

so the house is coming along good. once all the furniture got here, it actually looked like someone lived here, instead of just a box storage locale. The bed came yesterday, and it looks gooooooooooooood. it was fun to sleep in it last night, instead of on a mattress on the floor.

still gotta get a bookcase or something for all the books that are still in boxes everywhere tho. maybe do that tomorrow night? don't think we have any plans then.

otherwise, it's just a quiet night indoors. Got my guitar hero on for a while, now updating the ipod's music library.

c'est la vie

Oct. 15th, 2009

blue steel

preparing to gtfo

And so it begins, the most dreaded aspect of moving: Packing.

So far I have taken the top off the dining room table, packed up my xbox, the dvd player and the tivo. Also I unplugged my computer (not this one, obviously) from its various plugs and moved it.

Yet to pack:

  1. Stuff in this desk
  2. My clothes
  3. Books in the bedroom
  4. Stuff in my other desk
  5. Framed pictures (most of these are still on the walls...
  6. Paperwork of various sorts
  7. Cicely's clothes
  8. All the books in the other bedroom
  9. Coats
  10. Jackets
  11. Shoes
  12. Bathroom sundries


But I've promised myself I'll make progress tonight. I've got several beers and a lot of garbage bags to get this show on the road!

Oct. 5th, 2009

blue steel

Last Updated: 13 weeks ago

Time flies.

In the last 13 weeks we've...
1) Gone to Hawaii;
2) Lost out on a condo we wanted to buy;
3) Returned from Hawaii
4) Started searching all over again;
5) Hosted Cicely's mum and brother;
6) Found another place
7) Got a new lawyer
8) Finally, finally, closed on a place to live

It's been one long housing saga the last few months. Now that the searching part is over, of course we're not anywhere near done yet with this. Buying is but the first step! Now we must customize, and into that we have thrown ourselves wholeheartedly.

This past weekend was spent painting. We painted the living room and the bathroom and started painting the bathroom vanity. Most of the cabinetry exists at the original 1987 level of couture, and as such some will be replaced. Other parts will merely be disguised with a glamorous new shell, masking its inferiousity until such time as it can be removed and replaced (i.e., when we have money again).

In the interim, I look forward to perhaps updating more frequently once we actually move in and establish a telecommunications post. Until then, updates will be sporadic but hopefully more forthcoming than in recent memory.

Jun. 29th, 2009

blue steel

What ho!

I am alive.

I don't know why, but I no longer have the urge to post here. Or much of anywhere, actually. I've been updating my other blog more recently, but I have little to say since we don't do a lot lately. I'm sure I'll have some stuff to post when we get back from Hawaii.

We're trying to buy a condo, although that has hit a snag and we're missing our original contingency date on the contract (tomorrow). It is the seller's fault we are missing the date, cuz they fucked up the listing. Twice so far during this effort we've been burned by the ole bait-and-switch, and i'm getting a little tired of it. I am worried we won't get this place after all, which would be a shame because it is nice, and we like it, and we want to live there.

oh well, i guess.

Apr. 9th, 2009

blue steel

I am extremely delinquent

But I'm still here.

What's been up? Not a lot. Still going to the gym when I can, although the past few weeks have been pretty lame in that regard. First i took a week off, then our schedule didn't permit more than a few days attendance the next week, and this week i've been feeling butt-tastic and don't want to overdo it and be all sick for my sister's wedding next saturday.

But otherwise, we're good. About to start house-hunting. Trying to stay busy. Trying to get sleep, as well.

I have been rejiggering my photos because I am sick of Flickr, so you can find stuff here now: http://www.internobody.com/pics/

Going through my back catalog, organizing stuff into albums to shove up there. going slowly :)

also, who's watching Lost? Is it not awesome this week?

Feb. 8th, 2009

blue steel


I like coffee. Coffee is good.

Cicely finally returned on Friday. I took half of the day off and picked her up and we spent the rest of the day getting her settled in, went to the gym for some grooming purposes and possibly to go in the hot tub, although the latter didn't end up happening. After that we had pizza for dinner and went back home and she crashed pretty early. She's still a little jet-lagged (waking up at 3am, hello!) but otherwise I think adjusting well. Right now she's catching up on Jon & Kate Plus Eight and having a cuppa. Once this episode is done, I think there will be some pancakes.

And maybe eggs.

But definitely pancakes.

Feb. 3rd, 2009


my pecs!

Family Guy is on. It's the one where they parody Police Squad! at the start. Awesome.

My back kinda hurts. My chest kinda hurts. My arms kinda hurt. But it's a good hurt. I am feeling better and different already: less flabby and a bit more hard, although 3 weeks is not much for a super huge transformation. I wonder if Cicely will notice anything when she gets back? I guess I'll find out in a couple days.

Not much else up. Work is a hassle, as usual. I would go on, but I won't. =)

8 inches of blah

you know it's the 21st century when a state of the art city can be totally unhinged by a measly 6 inches of snow.

Cicely was supposed to come back tomorrow, but now with the weather as it is we rebooked her flight for Thursday instead. There were a lot of questions about the status of the roads tomorrow morning, not to mention the gobs of people who no-doubt are stuck at Heathrow or are also supposed to fly out on Tuesday. The fact that public transportation is also out of wack gives her very little contingency planning. All of this added up to a late-afternoon decision to put her on another flight. It wasn't free, but i think that peace of mind is worth a small price.

Meanwhile, I've been doing some work this evening and watching 24. I could do some more work stuff...but I won't. =) Instead I'll just stare at various webpages or something. maybe talk to brad. wheee.

Jan. 30th, 2009

blue steel

Workout, buddy!

Sorry all my entries have been about exercise. Aside from work, that's pretty much all I've been doing these days.

Only 3.5 days until Cicely returns. I'm excited about it. I bet I'll sleep really poorly on Monday night. I got half of tuesday off so I can pick her up from the airport. I still haven't figured out the logistics of that... I could park at the airport and take the El in, or I could park at one of the other train stations and take the train. Maybe I'll park at Dee Road or someplace close to the airport, then take the train back there or something. All I know is I'm glad I'm not on call next week.

Facebook has been kinda cool this week. Friended some peeps I haven't talked to in a long time. It'll be nice to catch up with some of them.

My canker sores are also finally in remission. The damn things have been so huge and annoying it's been really difficult to eat. I'm hopeful they will be mostly settled by Sunday; I don't want to miss out on any of the yummy food at the Danimal's party. I can quiesce them with ointment, but that shit stings like crazy and makes me want to hit myself in the face.


Jan. 28th, 2009

blue steel

i hate my mouth

2 weeks without Cicely now...only 5.5 days to go. Not that I'm counting or anything.

Work has been a total pain the last few days. I would elaborate but i wouldn't even know where to start. suffice to say, Lost is awesome and I am thankful for it.

exercise is going well, too. I only skipped one lift day so far (last week) and it turns out I can lift 105lbs off the floor, so hey that's cool. I think Rodney is coming with me tomorrow, so at least I'll have some company. He also came with on...saturday, i think? i can't even remember anymore. my days are all messed up. no it was sunday.

ho hum. i have nothing real exciting to say...i guess I'll go to bed.

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